Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Cake Balls)

cake balls
Have you tried Bakerella's Cake Balls yet?
(they are pretty great although i think they could use a better name)
I did on accident.
I made a strawberry cake from scratch for my sister-in law's birthday and when it didn't rise like I wanted it to I just couldn't bear to throw it out. So i made cake balls. Pretty perfect for Valentine's Day if I do say so myself.

Follow the link above for the recipe.




  1. How sweet! I love that you made something not-so-nice into this delicious treat =D.

  2. You have a beautiful blog, great pictures but it makes me want to eat! a lot of things I shouldn't...
    Did you mix with cream cheese icing or strawberry? Also what kind of chocolate did you dip them in?

  3. thanks vanessa, those are great questions!
    i used home made cream cheese icing and dipped them in semi sweet melted chocolate chips. i highly recommend not using the chocolate chips though as they will not completely harden. i only used them because that's what i had on hand. if you can use baking chocolate or bark.