Thursday, May 20, 2010

you capture: depth of field

This past week I had the pleasure of taking photos of my sister-in law B and her friends before going to prom. They thought I was a little crazy taking photos of things with them in the background.

B and her was a masquerade prom

and B's bff and her date with her beautiful corsage.

And I feel a little crazy because I started a page on facebook just for my photography. Are regular people like me allowed to just start up little photography businesses because we feel like it? I don't know, but the voice in my head is telling me to be bold. If you want to see the sham that is my photography "business" (even though no one pays me) there is a link on the left hand side of my blog. And the rest of the prom pics are there too. I would love any feedback you guys can give me. I'm all for constructive criticism as long as it's tactful. :-) ooh and i like compliments too.